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        7x24 hotline:0310-5896668

        Welcome to Wuan Yongtian Casting Co., ltd.! Today is:

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         Every sincere thanks attention Yongtian casting industry friends, because of your concern and support, yongtia foundry industry to steady development. Yongtian casting industry will trust, in the iron and steelcasting adhere to innovation, overcome technical difficulties, the industrial country and realize the new era of glory.
        We set "unity, dedication, pioneering, progressive" spirit of enterprise, thetechnology and equipment of world standard, learn from the advancedmanagement experience, technology, scale, management gradually amongChinese iron and steel foundry industry forefront, strive for the development and progress of society, from the start bit by bit, start from their own in order to improve our products and services, enterprises and social construction of a people oriented harmonious. We will continue to work toward internationalization, in order to provide the quality of casting products and services for the pride and their value orientation.

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